About Tujibebe

Welcome to Tujibebe, a place for you to connect with others, learn and express yourself!

Believe in yourself because we already do…

Before you explore what Tujibebe has to offer, we want to tell you about the Tujibebe guidelines - which helps us all to be the very best we can be!

Tujibebe Guidelines

1. Everyone is welcome. There are no rules on who can, or can't be part of Tujibebe. Everyone is free to join.

2. Always Together. Never alone. We can count on each other no matter what because that's what Tujibebe community do.

3. Share the love. Don't be shy! Share your story! We're here to support and celebrate each other and we do not judge.

4. Keep believing. When times are tough we find support in friends, family and the community - we stay positive and we don't give up.

5. Work hard. There is no magic trick to achieving success. Reaching your goals takes careful planning, hard work, and dedication

6. Break barriers. Don't let anyone set limits to what you can achieve in your life

7. Have fun. Working hard is important. But don't forget to have fun and enjoy yourself along the way.

8. You will always be a part of the Tujibebe community. Tujibebe is a space for you and no matter where you go, the door is always open.