What’s happening to my body?

Puberty… it happens to everyone!

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Maybe you’ve noticed that your body is feeling a bit different lately, parts of you are changing and you’re a lot more sensitive too. This is all very normal – it’s called puberty.

Puberty? Tell me more…

Everyone is different, but one thing we all have in common – both boys and girls – is that we go through puberty. It’s a time in your life that shows you’re growing up into an adult. You could start puberty as young as 7 or 8 years old and it will usually last for up to four or five years, but no matter what age you start, we all eventually go through it.

Puberty is a time of change.
Many things will start to happen with your body, here’s what you need to know:

Your breasts will start to grow

You will get taller

Your skin and hair may become oilier

Your body will fill out and you may get curvier

You may start to get a few pimples

You’ll grow hair under your armpits and around your vagina (pubic hair)

You’ll get your period

All about your period

When you hit puberty, one of the most important changes in a girl’s body is when you start your menstrual cycle – your period.

During the early phase of your period, your hormones grow eggs in your ovaries. In the next phase, your ovaries release these eggs. Meanwhile, your hormones are helping to build the lining of your womb, so that if your eggs are fertilised (by male sperm) through sex, it is ready for pregnancy.

If the eggs are not fertilised, this lining is released through the vagina in a liquid form that includes blood (your period). That’s it – it’s nothing scary or weird, just your amazing body keeping busy doing amazing things! Puberty can sound scary, but remember we all go through it – so know you’re not alone

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