Failure can be good for you

Learn how to rise when life knocks you down!

“Let us make our future now and let us make our dreams tomorrow's reality”

These words were said by Malala Yousfzai, the 18 year old Nobel Peace Prize winner and an advocate for girls right to education. Malala beat the odds to become one of the leading voices of her generation.

Her story has inspired many young girls to stand up for what they believe in and reach for the stars no matter how many times failure comes knocking on their door.

At some stage in our lives we’ll all fail at something. But what matters is how we look at failure; will we look at it as a sign that we’re doomed and cursed or will we choose to learn from it?

Over here we pick the second option. The best way to pick yourself up from a failure or disappointment is to find lessons in it. Think to yourself, what can I do differently next time to make sure I get a better result? How did I get this result in the first place?

Have a look at these tips to help you rise after falling:

Own it: So things didn’t work out exactly as planned and that’s okay, it happens to the best of us. The mark of a true champion is someone who can own their mistakes and then work on learning from them.

Get to the bottom of it: Take some time to understand what didn’t go to plan. Maybe you didn’t spend enough time studying or you miscalculated your expenses. Once you understand how things fell apart it will be easier to put them back together.

Apply: Now that you understand what went wrong it’s time to put together a plan to make sure things work out better next time. Whether it’s spending more time studying or cutting down on your business expenses- whatever it is, start applying it asap so you can get closer to your dreams.

Stay inspired: Keep going until you get it right, because eventually it will all come together.

Don’t make excuses: Be honest with yourself about any slip-ups and use them as a learning curve and stepping stone on your path to success.

Are you ready to start achieving your dreams like a queen by learning from your failures? You go girl!

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