Want to start a business?

Learn how to win people over!

Have you ever thought of starting a business? If you have, you’re going to have to do a lot of influencing to get it off the ground.

Starting a business is an adventurous move and not everyone will support you, but don’t let that discourage you! You can change people’s minds and get them to support you by learning how to speak up and win them over.

Sabrina wanted to start a business selling homemade hair products, but her parents wanted her to only focus on her school work. She needed a loan from them to buy the first set of ingredients, so she could make products and use the profits to buy some more.

Here’s how she gained support from her parents and secured the money (chee-ching!).

  1. Sabrina thought about all the reasons they might say no and came up with answers to them beforehand, so she was prepared for anything. For example, they thought the business would affect her grades. In response, she promised that if any of her grades slipped, she would pause the business. #negotiation

  2. Next, she explained why her idea would be beneficial to her and the family. People are always more excited about ideas when they can see the benefits for them in real life. So, Sabrina showed her parents how the extra money could help towards the rent. Not only that, she could also learn great skills that would make her stand out even more at school. #goodthinking

  3. Showing parents or guardians that you are determined and willing to work hard will help you to persuade them to support your goals. Sabrina encountered some challenges, but she didn’t give up. It took her 20 attempts before she got the recipe right. #unstoppable. Her parents watched her dedication and resilience all throughout this period. They were also impressed by how much money she had saved up to start the business.

It took a while but in the end, Sabrina got her YES! Always remember to approach things in a calm and respectful manner when seeking support. If you get a no, don’t give up, just keep trying!

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