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Sometimes life can feel a bit overwhelming with all the responsibilities and dreams we have. Be it preparing for exams, trying to start a small business or thinking about our future careers, there’s always so much to think about!

There are times when we ask for help from our parents or guardians but then feel intimidated by their reactions or the advice they give and this makes us feel like not starting such conversations. But when this happens we miss out. Sometimes asking our parents or guardian for advice can help set us on the right track. So if you’re struggling to start the conversation, here are 5 Tujibebe tips to help!

1. Find a nice, quiet time to chat
It can be hard to get someone’s attention if we choose a time when they are busy or distracted by other things. So we should try to arrange a time to talk when they can give their attention. Plan the time in advance, preferably when they will be relaxed and able to focus, and let them know you want to say something important.

2. Speak clearly and confidently
Practising to speak what we need advice with by writing it down or saying it out loud is always very helpful. When we speak confidently and show that we know what we want to say, it can be easier for the other person to understand that we are serious, and hopefully they will be able to have a more open mind.

3. Create a plan
If we think about the types of questions they might ask, we can prepare responses clearly and help them understand from our perspective. So try to think about what they might say or ask in advance and prepare how to respond. Preparation means things will go more smoothly.

4. See it from their side This can be very difficult but by doing this, we might learn to view our problems from their perspective as guardians or parents . At times they might give us advice that we don’t want to hear but we should try to listen and understand their point of view.

5. Plan B is a must have.
If they react badly, then we should we need to try not rise to it. Let them have their say, and tell them that you understand how they feel and you'd like to have a chance to explain yourself. Try to come to a compromise that makes you both happy. If the time still isn’t right, you can try again another time.

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I am stargirl and my parents died when I was in form 3 ,this made me to leave school because of school fees ,i wanted to be an engineer in future , I need your help please I need to go back to school

March 20, 2022, 8:25 p.m.